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Welcome to Working AT Height – Academy & Alti-Service we are a Specialist Access Contractor also providing, Specialist Access Training, Business Support Services & Work at Height Consultants in Ireland and The United States of America. With Registered business at: Crusheen County Clare Ireland and in Waukesha Wisconsin USA now we are even closer to you than ever before. Our team of specialists are able to do any task or advise on any job when it comes to safety. Working at height is broken into two divisions: 1. Working AT Height – Academy , which is our training & Consultants Division.   2. Working AT Height –  Alti-Service ™. which is our contracting division specializing bespoke Business Support Services carrying out work doing Installation Maintenance & Repair’s.

Working AT Height Academy & Alti-Service

Working AT Height Academy & Alti-Service

Working AT Height – Academy ™. Our Working AT Height – Academy ‘s primary business is Training we offer Work at Height Training Solutions in Access and Rescue & consultancy services in the following areas:  Rope Access, Rope Rescue, Wind, Telecommunications, Structure Climbing & Rescue, Ladder Safety, Roof Top Safety – Flat & Pitched Roof, First Aid, Manual Handling to name but a few. Our aim to help our clients; improve their safety results, meet their work health and safety obligations, develop their safety cultureWorking AT Height – Academy are also partnered with ENSA – North America Providing  Specialist Instructors for Rope Access, GWO & Telecom’s to meet safety training bandwidth needs in the USA and Europe.

Working AT Height –  Alti-Service ™.   Is our contracting division to which is known as Working AT Height –  Alti-Service ,  Our safety is second to none so how do we achieve this,  Our aim to help our clients; Get any job done quickly, safely, on Time, and on budget, meet their work health and safety obligations,  and most importantly, keep our people and our clients people safe.

Working at Height Alti-Service™ also bring our clients the latest technology, We have teamed up Sony and U Stream Bringing the power of real time video to all our clients. We can now offer a fully flexible camera survey using wi-fi technology to stream live content to any device locally on site or world wide via our live Stream Platform provided by U Stream. This will result in giving the client a real-time image of the area being surveyed and the ability to assess the problem area while the technician is mobilized at the target area. The survey is also backed up to memory, so is available for further viewing and interrogation at a later date, and can also be used to help compile reports for your clients.

Below is a brief introduction into Rope Access & its uses.

Working AT Height – Academy & Alti-Service™  the founder Adrian Mc Mahon who is Irish founded working at height with a view for a greater need for safety in the work place. The Passion for complete safety runs deep with Adrian for safety in the work place and that they believe it should be universal no matter where you work in the world, But unfortunately this does not happen in the real world. Working AT Height is committed to changing this attitude in the work place by offering Simplified, Bespoke, Work at Height Training for all it’s clients to meet there Health and Safety Obligations. Adrian has a Back Ground in Rope Access, Rope Rescue, Telecommunications, Wind Energy & Emergency Response, so you know you are in Good Hands.

Below is a brief introduction into our Training Academy.

Working AT Height – Academy & Alti-Service™ Was hired to Oversee safety standards and provide the L III Supervisor  in the SSE Tarbert Power Station in county Kerry Ireland where they was installing safety netting inside its tallest building at 60 meters from the floor inside the power plant which was only accessible by rope access methods, so the whole roof could be replaced safely by the general roofing contractor. We worked closely with John Sisk and Sons and Reidy Roofing & supervised the Safety Netting Contractors on this project providing on site Rope Access L3 supervisor, we also provided safety rescue extraction training for the roofing contractors and consultancy with john Sisk & Sons on site safety management team.


Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians “SPRAT” Olympics 2012

Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians “SPRAT” Olympics 2014

Petzl Rope Trip 2012 – International Rope Access and Rescue Competition.


Petzl Rope Trip 2014 – International Rope Access and Rescue Competition.

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