About our Alti-Service™

“Business with Altitude”

Working AT Height Group™ Alti-Service specialize in reaching hard to reach work spaces that other companies can’t, and getting critical jobs done safely and quickly. It can be at any height, in the most confined space, or in the most remote place. On a bridge, wind turbine, in a silo or down a shaft, High Rise Building. That’s what we do best. It does not matter that you are in World, we can get to you. We are difficult Installation, Maintenance & Inspection specialists, and our rope access and rigging expertise have made us the first choice for organizations Worldwide.

We provide inspection services, height safety services, remedial engineering and maintenance, protective coatings and specialist access, NDT Testing. Our combined skills can solve almost any problem in the construction and Energy industries, in shipping, for owners’ corporations and in the Wind Energy, Power, Oil, and Gas Industries & Film & TV Services. We’re flexible and fast, and we can design solutions for the most complex situations without the need to bring in more experts.

We pride ourselves in the following services we provide;

  • Level 3 rigging, safety, rescue and emergency care cover for inspection, repair and filming work.
  • Photographic and visual surveys.
  • Rotor Blade Inspection & Repair.
  • Bridge Inspection, Industrial Coatings & Devegetation.
  • Bird deterrent installation.
  • Glazing installation and repair.
  • Mast/Pylon Inspection & Maintenance.
  • Installation and dismantling of met mast structures.
  • Geo-technical Netting, Stabilization and Anchor Testing.
  • Building Inspection.
  • Building Maintenance, Cleaning and Repair.
  • Advertising Signage / Billboards.
  • Installation of equipment at height.
  • Drone Services


We have a lot of expert staff from all walks of life from such areas in;

  • Rope Rescue Instructors
  • Rope Access Instructors
  • Confined Space Entry Instructors
  • Fire Safety & Chemical Instructors
  • Paramedics
  • Medics
  • First Responders
  • Engineering
  • Welders
  • Drone Pilots

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