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® Working at Height Limited ™ is a leading Professional Training Services Company headquartered in Crusheen, County, Clare, in the Republic of Ireland. ® Working at Height Limited ™ operates on a globally  through our Network for Training and Excellence Program.


® Working at Height Limited ™ is committed to delivering High-Quality Low-Cost training to all that want to get access to it, ® Working at Height Limited ™ is in support of the fundamental basic human right and that’s Workplace Health, Safety & Welfare Education.  There is a large percentage of young adults that quit collage in the first year and have no plan moving forward, most of these young adults end up working in none skilled jobs due to high costs of education.

We at ® Working at Height Limited ™ are committed to the people by supporting and enhancing communities across the globe, we will achieve this by providing Low-Cost affordable Training.

® Working at Height Limited ™ – Academy offers only Local Legislation compliant training for 6 global legislations (Listed Below) for adults who wish to be trained before they immigrate to a new country. ® Working at Height Limited ™ is the only company that offers this service to date.

® Working at Height Limited ™ works with the world’s largest recruitment agency’s  for industry, We will aim to find you a placement on request.

All ® Working at Height Limited ™ Training Programs are compliant too and can be taught to any of the  following legislation’s, Laws, Regulations and Guidelines:

® Working at Height Limited ™ can prepare you for working in any of the above country’s or regions. Working at  Height Limited is the only company that that has curriculums compliant to any country listed. If you are planning on moving countries’ for work, we can get you certified before you leave your home or country of residence before you go, on local legislation. 

® Working at Height Limited ™ is a Health, Safety, Environmental & Business  Training provider with partners across the EU. Working at Height Limited provides Training courses to a wide verity of participants who want to upskill themselves in Knowledge, Skills and Industry Best Practice in the areas of but not limited to; Health, Safety, Environmental, Business, Management & Technical Skills Training. 

® Working at Height Limited ™ also provides training services to High-Risk Industry’s such as Wind Energy, Telecommunications, Construction, Utilities, Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical industries.

® Working at Height Limited ™ delivers Advanced Technical Knowledge, Skills and Digital Learning Solutions, Consultancy Services, & Software Applications, which drive competence and compliance in the work place today.

We offer comprehensive specialized professional skills training services in: Manual Handling, First Aid, AED Training, Wilderness First Aid, Fire Safety, Confined Space, Fall Protection, Work at Height, Rope Access, Technical Rescue, ERT Development, Airborne Pathogens Training, Advanced 4X4 Driving Skills, Instructor Development, Crises Management, Business Management & Health Safety.

Our Mission is to: Challenge Perceptions, Open Minds and Expand Knowledge & Skills, Change Attitude’s for the better in the workplace by fully educating people through Theory & Hands on Skills-based training one person at a time no matter who you are or where you are from.

We are here to help everyone, creating a place “Where the Possibilities are Endless”, Communities Better, Realistic Options, Workplaces Safer by a creating a positive safety culture one delegate at a time.

This means everyone gets a fair chance while reducing safety statistics worldwide. Make everyone part of a T.E.A.M you can be proud of and be a part of a T.E.A.M for life because;

“Together Everyone Achieves More”

ACT Now by Talking to us today and discover that the Possibilities are Endless, on how we can help you, and your workplace,  on a different Level.  








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