“Knowledge, Skills & Attitude on a Different Level”

Working at Height Limited ® is a leading Professional Training Services Company headquartered in Crusheen, County, Clare, in the Republic of Ireland.

Working at Height Limited is a Health and Safety Training provider with partners across the EU. Working at Height Limited provides training services to High-Risk Industry’s such as Wind Energy, Telecommunications, Construction, Utilities, Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical industries.

Working at Height Limited delivers Advanced Technical Knowledge, Skills and Digital Learning Solutions, Consultancy Services, & Software Applications, which drive competence and compliance in the work place today.

We offer comprehensive specialized professional training services in: Manual Handling, First Aid, Fire Safety, Confined Space, Fall Protection, Work at Height, Technical Rescue, ERT Development, Advanced 4X4 Driving Skills, Instructor Development, Crises Management, Business Management & Health Safety.

Our Mission is to: Challenge Perceptions, Open Minds and Expand Knowledge & Skills, Change Attitude’s in the workplace by fully educating people through Theory & Hands on Skills-based training one person at a time no matter who you are or where you are from. We are here to help everyone, creating a place “Where the Possibilities are Endless”, Communities Better, Realistic Options, Workplaces Safer by a creating a positive safety culture one delegate at a time.

This means everyone gets a fair chance while reducing safety statistics worldwide. Make everyone part of a T.E.A.M you can be proud of and be a part of a T.E.A.M for life because;

“Together Everyone Achieves More”

ACT Now by Talking to us today and discover that the Possibilities are Endless, on how we can help you, and your workplace,  on a different Level.