“High Aptitude Staff for High Altitude Solutions”

“Where Knowledge Becomes Power”

Welcome to the Working AT Height Group ™.

The Working AT Height Group   are Subject Matter Specialist’s Providing such services like; Specialist Training, Safety Consulting and Business Support Services, working in the renewable energy, power generation, pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, Construction and facility management sector’s with a team of professional instructors, Subject Matter Specialists and Project Managers with its headquarters’ in the County Clare in the Republic of Ireland, working across the European Union and also strategically we have a pacific side office’ in Houston, Texas, United States managing works across the Americas. 

Working at Height Group™ is an irish owned company that lives up to its name and Logo. 

Working at Height Group™ logo irish symbol the  “Dara Knot” which can be traced back to the Irish Word “doire” meaning “Oak Tree” the “Celts” especially the “Druids” considered the oak tree to be sacred. The knot is associated with the root system of an Oak Tree. This symbol has stood the test of time it is as strong meaning today in Ireland as in was in the eighth century, you can see the evidence of Celtic knots in the book of kells now located in the trinity college Dublin.  

The Dara Knot is endless with no beginning or end, such as our 360° Program for internal auditing on 4 key areas;

  • Student Satisfaction
  • Course Development & Content
  • Instructor Professionalism & Mannerism
  • Management Accountability

Our 360° Program is “Consistent and Strong” much like the root system on and Oak Tree.

This ancient symbol represents; Wisdom, Strength, Endurance and Resilience. It takes all these to make a Working at Height Professional. Like the oak tree Working at Height Group™ has deep roots in the industry and we are bringing that knowledge and strength to you. 


Working at Height Group™ “A Closer Look”  is made up of three divisions within it structure of the company.


  1. Working at Height – Academy™ division which offers bespoke accredited training services from: fall Protection to Emergency Response to Technical Rescue.

We offer training courses like:

  • Work at Heights & Rescue Training (Wind Energy & Telecommunications)
  • Hub Rescue (Wind Energy)
  • Trauma at Height Wind Energy& Telecommunications)
  • First Aid with Trauma (Wind Energy& Telecommunications) Adults Only
  • High Performance First Aid (Wind Energy& Telecommunications)
  • Basic Fire Safety (Wind Energy& Telecommunications)
  • Ergonomics (Wind Energy& Telecommunications)
  • Confined Space Entry & Management Training (Wind Energy)
  • Train the Trainer (All Modules)
  • GWO Training “Coming Soon”
  • Work at Heights Scaffold’s (Construction)
  • Ladder Safety (All Sectors)
  • Roof Top Safety & Rescue (Pitched & Flat)
  • Rope Access Training (All Sectors)
  • Rope Rescue Training (All Sectors)
  • Fall Protection Training (All Sectors)
  • First Aid Training Adults Only (All Sectors)
  • High Performance First Aid (All Sectors)
  • Basic Fire Safety (All Sectors)
  • Ergonomics (All Sectors)
  • Business Management (All Sectors)
  • Certified Training Professional (All Sectors)
  • Phillips Hart Start Accredited Training (All Sectors)

to name but a few of our most commonly taken courses.


2. Working at Height – Alti-Service™ division is which is our contracting Services specializing bespoke Business Support Services carrying out work doing;

  • Safety Consulting
  • Inspections
  • Installation
  • Maintenance & Repairs
  • Standby Rescue
  • Rope Access
  • Rigging
  • Confined Space Entry Management
  • Nondestructive Testing
  • Geo-Tec

In such sectors as; Power Generation, Renewable Energy, Construction, Petrochemical & Pharmaceutical Sectors.


3. Working at Height – 115-Madia™ division is which is our technology and Media Services department. This service provided is Animation, Multi Media Production, Film Services, Inspection Photography & Videography, Ariel Photography Services and more.  


Our Staff. Working at Height group believes our Staff is our greatest asset all members are dedicated to safety and professionalism. 

We only employ subject matter experts. This strengthens our commitment to our slogan;


High Aptitude Staff for High Altitude Solutions



Working at Height Group™ is committed to teaching the highest safety, rescue & efficiency to all our clients meeting their loss prevention needs. 


Working at Height Group™ is an Equal opportunity employer and has a zero-tolerance policy against all forms of Harassment, Bullying, Racism of any kind. 

Working at Height Group™ For More Information about us on our Company, Leadership, Core Values, Standards, Environmental Impact & Training Programs “Click Here”.


“Proud Member/Trainer Since 2005”