Bespoke Workshops and Courses

If you’re keen to unlock your organisation’s true potential, you’ve come to the right place.

Our high-energy learning environment will allow you to transform your mindset and embed a culture of innovation within your team. Through well renowned approach Safety Culture learning, you will re-energise your team and harness the power of collaboration.

Whether you’re a small start-up, an established multinational or an NGO, we have a range of options to build your capacity for innovation and uncover new opportunities.

What to expect

You’ll speak to one of our experienced team members so we can understand your needs. Then we will design a bespoke learning experience to suit the shape of your organisation, and the unique opportunities and challenges you are facing. We can offer a wide range of experiential learning options to upskill your team.

Typical outcomes:

Build a safety culture of innovation within your organisation. Foster networking and collaboration across business units.

Reduce the risk on all projects.

Gain a digital certificate of completion.

Position your organisation as progressive and forward-thinking.

® Working at Height Limited ™  courses are for High-Risk Scenarios for the following sectors;  Renewables – Telecommunications – Construction – Pharmaceutical – Petrochemicals.

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