Certification Details

Scalable Certifications

You may instruct the program for which you are certified and to the jurisdiction for where you are endorsed. It is up to you and the company you work for to determine who you might train within your organisation. For example, Office Staff, Skilled Professionals & Manager’s of the company for whom you work. Contact us for further information.

The organization may wish only take one training program or all training programs. This is the decision of the organisation based of there own training needs analysis. Should an organisation need Working at Height Limited to complete a Training Needs Analysis on their behalf to determine the best training course or courses for the organisation you can Contact us for further information.

Designed For All Situations

Our training programs are not meant to address specific equipment or work situations, but rather are designed around the concepts and principles of Health, Safety, Access, Rescue & Fall Protection. This provides end users and Instructors with the most flexible training solution. Our programs allow you to equip the worker with the power to make safe and informed decisions on work site, suitable for the hazard scenario’s they are faced with in the work place.

Regardless of the equipment brand an end-user may have or the at-height work situation they encounter, students will be able to apply the learning from our programs to correctly and safely implement their fall safety systems.

Instructors will have opportunities within the program to present site specific content (equipment, policies, situations) to the students if warranted as part of the structured curriculum.

Turnkey Training Materials

Our Certified Instructor Programs (ITP) are built for our turnkey training solutions. Each Certified Instructor Program is meant to qualify individuals to teach the corresponding end-user program. All ITP programs are designed to a specific established standard and as a Certified Instructor; you are expected to deliver the program as designed.

The Certified Instructor programs are not intended to certify participants to deliver fall protection or rescue programs designed by others. As well, our Certified Instructors programs do not directly qualify participants to design their own programs.

Certification Duration and Expectations

Each Certification is valid for two (2) years from the date of completion for end user certification, with the exception of our Instructor Trainer Program, which is valid for two (2) years “provided you attend Annual Instructor Seminar”  or depending on the module. You will need to ensure that you meet the specific ongoing requirements for the particular program(s) for which you are certified. These can include;

  • Minimum number of courses delivered per year.
  • Company Recourses and Certified Facility.
  • First Aid certified individual available where training is taking place.
  • Emergency Prep Plans.
  • General Liability Insurance.
  • Safepass, CSCS or OSHA 30 Certification.
  • Train the Trainer Certification
  • Completed Working at Height ITP with a 100% pass rate.

Instructor Grades

Working at Height Limited has three grade types of Instructors.

AI = Authorised Instructor.

An Authorised Instructor holds the lowest grade Working at Height Limited has. A (AI) Does not hold a seat on the safety committee and is not a shareholder, but can sit in on meetings (Not Compulsory) , has a no votes. an (AI) can only teach end users on behalf of working at Height Limited. The Only prerequisite to be an Authorised Instructor to have completed a Working at Height Instructor Development Program on the desired subject and field or expertise the AI wishes to teach.

TTI = Train the Trainer Instructor.

A Train the Trainer Instructor holds the mid level grade Working at Height Limited has. A (TTI) holds a seat on the safety committee acts as a shareholder, Has to attend all Meetings (Compulsory)has a two votes. an (TTTI) can teach AI instructors on behalf of working at Height Limited. A (TTI) must have been teaching in the field of (SME) expertise for 5+ years with documented proof.  A TTI is also part of the Training Standards and Policies Team.

MIT = Master Instructor Trainer.

A Master instructor Trainer holds the highest grade Working at Height Limited can offer. A (MIT) holds a seat on the safety committee acts as a shareholder, Has to attend all Meetings (Compulsory) has a three votes. an (MIT) can teach AI and TTI instructors on behalf of working at Height Limited. A (MIT) must have been teaching in the field of (SME) expertise for 10+ years with documented proof. A MIT is also part of the  Training Course Development team, Training Standards and Policies Team, Training Audit Team.



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