Instructor Course Details

Program Length

The duration of a certified Instructor Trainer Program (ITP) depends on the desired program. It can be anything from five (5) days to one (1) month.  We start with going through the respective end-user course as a student with the purpose to ensure a baseline of knowledge and to experience the course delivery as it is designed.

The following days/weeks are focused on learning how to: Setup, Deliver, Skills, Attitude & Evaluation of the program, knowledge development, and the assessment of participants as Instructors.


There are no Participants for this course except in the following two regions;

  1. All Participants teaching in Ireland must have a valid (QQI Level 6 Training Delivery and Evaluation)
  2. All Participants teaching in United Kingdom must have a valid (Ofqual Level3 Education and Training Qualifications Specification “L3AET”)

Anyone can attend the Certified Instructor Trainer Program. This is an intensive program and moves at a fast pace with a focus to prepare participants to deliver the material. Each participant must have prior knowledge and experience with working at heights and general occupational health and safety.

The program covers technical aspects of Safety, Health and Welfare, Technical Access and Rescue, Emergency Preparedness,  summary instructional techniques, and the delivery of the established standards and technical content of the respective course.

Participants should expect some home studies during the course in the evenings to ensure they can meet the minimum standard during the assessment phase of the course.

Training Agreement

At the time of registration, we require that you sign a Network for Training & Excellence or a Training for your Business agreement. The agreement is designed to ensure that potential instructors understand the following:

  • Working at Height Limited retains the ownership and copyright of all materials. No material can be copied, duplicated or material used in any manner without prior written consent from Working at Height Limited.
  • The Instructor will adhere to the delivery of the courses as prescribed.
  • The Instructor will purchase and provide a Student Activation Kit to each participant in the course.
  • The Instructor will purchase and Ware the Instructor Graded Uniform at all time’s when teaching.

e.g. AI= Authorized Instructor, TTTI= Train the Trainer Instructor, MIT= Master Instructor Trainer.

Course Preparation & Activation Purchasing

Certified Instructors must provide the minimum equipment as outlined in each program. To assist with this requirement, upon enrollment or after completing the Instructor program, you may purchase the equipment kit from Working at Height Limited.

Your initial registration fee includes an initial supply of Student Activation. The Student Activation manuals include a unique serial number corresponding to a record in our database, a student workbook, a temporary certificate, and the student record booklet (training record, theory test, evaluation form).

Each Instructor will need to have access to a computer (laptop) and projector to run the electronic presentation. It is highly recommended that you bring your laptop to the Instructor Program to assist you with preparing for your course delivery.

General Course layout

Unit 1: The Theory of Training and Evaluation of Learning

  • Adult Learning Theories
  • Instructional Design Theories
  • Effective Training Delivery Theories and Techniques
  • Objectives of Training Evaluation for Adults.


Unit 2: Training Delivery Planning and Preparation

  • Group dynamics
  • Dealing with Disruptive Behavior
  • The Role of the Trainer
  • Delivery Planning
  • Feedback.


Unit 3: Diversity and Legislation

  • Managing Diversity
  • Equality in training
  • Legislation governing Equality and Diversity.


Unit 4: IT Technologies.

  • Instruction Design Models
  • Using IT Technologies as part of your evaluation platform.


Unit 5: Methods of Delivery and Assessment

  • Training Strategies
  • Training Delivery methodologies
  • Formative Assessment
  • Summative Assessment
  • Assessment Techniques
  • Planning Assessment.
  • Feedback.


Unit 6: Evaluation of Training

  • Evaluating a Training Programme
  • Evaluation Techniques
  • Programme Review.

Unit 7: Evaluation on Required Practical Skills.

  • Relevant physical skills set out by the module signed up for must be completed with a full teach back.

Program Availability

Working at Height Limited publishes a schedule of courses each year. These courses are held in various locations to provide as much opportunity as possible for interested people to attend. You may attend any program in any location shown on the calendar providing there is available space. Your seat will not be confirmed until payment is received.

Please contact our registration desk.

We also offer onsite Certified Instructor programs if you have several individuals requiring certification.