School Safety Program

Basic Work Place Safety and “Preparing life’s Greatest asset” our children with industry knowledge.

Working at Height limited will start a school’s education program in Ireland in General Workplace Safety, PHECC – CFR, Cardiac First Response Community Level  and Hazard Awareness courses and seminar’s. Today our children are our greatest asset in life. Preparing them for industrial industry’s like Petrochemical, Renewable, Pharmaceutical, Fire, Technical Access and Rescue in an industrial and Government level.

From November 2020 Working at Height Limited will come to any school in Ireland and speak for a short duration in the joys and the Dangers when working in an industrial and elevated area today. We believe knowledge is power and bringing awareness to all high school students is the right time of their life. Some students go to college and some don’t.  According to Higher Education Authority stats only 48% go to third Level Education and 52% don’t go to college, 7000 of students drop out of collage within there first year. It’s the 52% we want to focus on and making them aware of the danger that is out there.

In 2022 there was 9,070 non fatal injury’s were reported to the HSA that an increase of 8% from the 8371 reported in 2021.

In 2022 there was 28 fatal work related incidents reported to the HSA.

In 2022 the percentage of fatal work-related incidents by employment status re as follows:

  • 50% Self-Employed
  • 36% Employee
  • 11% Non-Worker
  • 4% Family-worker

Working at Height Limited is committed to making a safer work Place in the world today by giving free Web-Based Training (WBT) on workplace education to qualifying schools.

If you would like to enroll your school please submit you details here in the form.


Health and Safety AuthorityAnnual Review or Workplace Injuries, Illnesses & Fatalities Report 2021-2022.

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