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Recruiting staff who have been validated for core competence is essential for organisations that work in potentially hazardous environments. Employers, Recrutement Agency’s and training providers can check the certification of a candidate using Working at Height Limited’s online certificate verification tool.

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Data Protection Notice

The information supplyed through Working at Height Limited certificate verification data bace is only supplying the very basic of information and is only to be used for that purpose. The information provided does not impact the data privacy laws of the delegate. the purpose of the information should only be used for a verifycation purposes only and used by employers only solely for that purpose. Working at Height Limited is aware of ongoing black market identity theft of Working at Height Limited certificates. Should you require more certificate verification please do not heasatate to contact us we would be happy to help.


Working at Height Limited is aware of fake certificate on the blackmarket. Working at Height Limited has made a considerable amount of changes to how certificates look and have emplemented a unigue coding system for certifications. We encurage you if you can verify a certificate you contact us immeditly and send us a copy of the certificate. You can do his anomymously by using the form below on this page.

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