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Workplace Health and Safety Service

® Working at Height Limited™ Consulting services provide workplace; Compliance, Planning, Gap Analysis, Safety & Crises Management audits and training services for customers, helping them proactively manage health and safety and ensure continual improvement in their health and safety processes. Our experienced SME’s consultants have extensive knowledge in collecting information on the efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of Safety Management Systems and the implementation of corrective action measures. We perform auditing of systems, processes and facilities across all industries and sectors.


  • Legislative Requirements – Auditing Planning and Training.
  • Pre-Planning Requirements – Hazard Analyses, Risk Assessment, Planning and Training.
  • Training Audits – Doing a Gap Analyses on current training to identify all known hazards.
  • Emergency Response Audits – Site Proficiency Auditing, Planning and Training.
  • Equipment Identification – Site Audit into the use of the most proficient equipment for the identified hazards.
  • Bottom Line – While safety improvement in the workplace is often looked at as an expense, in the long run, it can positively improve a company’s bottom line.
  • Safety Culture – Employers that want to promote a safety-focused culture need to set the tone by engaging in safety-related activities such as safety auditing.

All businesses must regularly examine the quality and effectiveness of their health and safety management systems. It is notable that when the HSA, HSE & OSHA conduct their investigations into major accidents, it usually highlights health and safety management failures as being one of the main root causes.

Advantages of Workplace Health and Safety Audits Include:

  • Meeting your legal requirements
  • Reduction in the likelihood of accidents occurring.
  • Reduction in corresponding insurance claims.
  • Identifies gaps in systems and training needs.
  • Improves Safety in the workplace
  • Helps builds a “safety culture” in your business.

Safety Services

  • Risk assessments
  • Method statements
  • Work at height and difficult access planning
  • Safe systems of work
  • Safety & health policies
  • Safety statements
  • Toolbox talks
  • Rescue plans
  • Safety and health training
  • Expert witness

Service Breakdown

  • Review of all relevant documentation.
  • Meetings and interviews with key personnel.
  • Walkthrough inspection of workplace sites and premises.
  • Preparation of a detailed report of findings and recommendations to ensure compliance with health, safety and welfare legislation and best practice.



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