Data Protection & Complaints

® Working at Height Limited’s™ Academy fully complies with all data protection acts and ensures that all information collected on staff, trainers, clients and learners are used for only the purpose they have been originally collected for. ® Working at Height Limited’s™ Academy will ensure that its staff are fully trained in ®Working at Height Limited™ Learning’s policies regarding data protection. In addition, it will ensure that all staff understand the terminology and requirements laid out under the Data Protection Act and that they understand their responsibilities in upholding these requirements (see pg6 – Definition of Data Protection Acts).

Data Protection Policy

In accordance with the Data Protection Act of 1998, and from the 25 May 2018, the EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016/679 (the GDPR) in relation to data protection, ® Working at Height Limited’s™ Academy agrees to:

  • Obtain and process any collected and stored information fairly
  • Keep data only for one or more specified and lawful purposes
  • Use collected data only in ways which are compatible with the purposes for which the initial request was made
  • Keep collected and stored data safe and secure
  • Keep data accurate and up-to-date
  • Ensure that the data collected is adequate, relevant and not excessive
  • Retain data no longer than is necessary for the specified purpose or purposes
  • Give a copy of their personal data, the reason it is being held, and a list of who has access to it, to any individual, upon written request

With regards to Flex Manager, all the information contained on the database is protected by the use of a secure log-in system. Access to personal protected information requires an extra password, so only users with permission can obtain the key information required. All data is securely stored in Flex Manager Database, and PHP Scripting Language is used in order to access, manage and process the data required. Our system has restricted, password protected access and meets global security encryption standards using a secure way of encrypting information.


Complaints from our Clients and Learners

® Working at Height Limited’s™ Academy believes in delivering learner focus programmes and welcome the opportunity to improve our services, delivery, resources and supports in order to provide the most fulfilling learner experience possible. As a result, complaints are taken seriously and are the foundations in which we can continuously improve. ® Working at Height Limited’s™ Academy will deal with complaints from their clients and learners professionally and swiftly. There are three ways in which complaints can be addressed. There is the Anonymous Complaint, Informal Complaint and the Formal complaint.

Anonymous Complaints

Learners are given the opportunity during the programme they are attending to provide us with anonymous comments regarding their learning experience through the mid and end feedback. The ® Working at Height Limited™ Administrator’s is required to read and report on feedback received on each programme delivered, where any negative comments or grievances have been expressed on a programme, the Director or Director of Training are required to be notified and where required investigated.

Informal Complaints

® Working at Height Limited’s™ Academy believe that for all concerned whenever possible to deal complaints on an informal bases using meetings, telephone calls and emails with the person making the compliant and other parties such as trainers, staff, other learners attending the programme, or in the case where it is in relation to physical factors i.e. equipment, venue. Depending on the nature of the complaint learners are asked to discuss their grievances with the tutor delivering the programme or with their programme coordinator who would have initially booked them onto the programme, with a view of resolving the issues. Informal complaints are documented and monitored and if required corrective measures will be put in place if a situation is identified as reoccurring.

Formal Complaints

Any learner on any programme which ® Working at Height Limited’s™ Academy is engaging in the delivery of, can make a formal complaint. Formal complaints are taken seriously as it can reflect on the center negatively. ® Working at Height Limited’s™ Academy believe in taking where required full accountability for their learners’ grievances based on a service or treatment received and will ensure that where required corrective measures will be put in place in order to fit in with our mission, vision and ethos. ® Working at Height Limited’s™ Academy will always ensure that no complaint made will be used to disadvantage any person in the future.

  • The person making the complaint will be required to put their allegation or grievances in writing via the web page on to the Director or directly to the Director of Training within one week after the grievance has emerged. This cannot be done via letter or email.
  • Acknowledgement of receipt of the complaint will be given 5 working days after complaint has been received
  • All complaints received by ® Working at Height Limited’s™ Academy will be handled in confidence and without prejudice
  • Depending on the nature of the complaint ® Working at Height Limited’s™ Academy will determine how to deal with the grievance most effectively.
  • In the case where it involves a staff member ® Working at Height Limited’s™ Academy will be required to seek external advice from a 3rd Party who oversee our HR policies and procedures.
  • Where the complaint is based on the delivery of a programme ® Working at Height Limited’s™ Academy may be required to be reviewed by the Training and Standards Committee of Subject Experts.
  • ® Working at Height Limited’s™ Academy will investigate all complaints within 30 working days of receipt, however if the process takes longer, we will keep you updated every 20 working days
  • ® Working at Height Limited’s™ Academy will issue a clear and concise written response

If the learner is unhappy with the response, they have received they do have the option to appeal the decision to the Director of Training within 10 working days, the Director of Training will review all findings and may need to meet with the learner or other parties involved to discuss the complaint. Depending on the complaint the Director of Training may need to seek external advice with the complainant’s permission. The decision of the Centre Director will be communicated in writing after investigation has been completed and is final.

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