Working AT Height Academy™

Working AT Height Academy™

At Working AT Height Academy™ we aim to help our clients improve their safety results, meet their work health and safety obligations, develop their safety culture, and most importantly, keep their people safe.

We do this by:

Training employees in a range of nationally recognized safety-related competencies in the areas of Height Safety, Confined Space Entry, Fire Safety, Rescue Training & Work at Height Training.

  • Conducting company Safety Audits & Consultancy, specializing in the areas of height safety, confined space and Rescue.
  • Delivering Rope Access Services and Confined Space Entry & Rescue for our customers
  • Providing Rescue Cover teams
  • Tailoring bespoke Training to meet the needs of our clients’ business.

 The following courses are available and will be tailored to your requirements:

General Training

  • Manual Handling.
  • Occupational First Aid (Fetac Level 5)
  • Harness fitting and Safe Use.
  • Leaning ladder & Step Ladder Safety.
  • Roof Top Safety ( Flat Roof).
  • Roof Top Safety ( Pitch Roof).
  • Rescue after a fall – Lowering and lifting.
  • Rescue after a fall – Lowering and lifting – Entertainment.
  • Confined Space Entry ( Basic & Advanced).
  • PPE Inspection End User.
  • Ladder Inspection End User.

Wind Energy.

  • Rotor Blade Inspection.
  • Tower Climbing and Rescue.
  • Hub Access & Rescue.
  • Emergency Evacuation.
  • Rotor Blade Level 1 Basic Inspection & Preventive Maintenance.
  • Rotor Blade Level 2 Qualified.
  • Rotor Blade Level 3 Qualified.


  • Tower Climbing & Rescue
  • Advances Climbing and Rescue.
  • Roof Top Safety & Rescue With Basic RF Awareness.

Tower Crane.

  • Tower Crane Climbing.
  • Tower Crane Rescue.


  • Scaffold Work Restraint & Work Positioning.
  • Scaffold Rescue
  • Fixed Ladder Climbing.
  • Work Restraint Training
  • Roof Top Safety ( Flat Roof).
  • Roof Top Safety ( Pitch Roof).
  • Rescue after a fall – Lowering and lifting.


  • Stage Structure Climbing.
  • Stage Structure Rescue.
  • Mechanical Advantage Hauling.

Rope Access Training.

  • SPRAT Rope Access Level 1.
  • SPRAT Rope Access Level 2.
  • SPRAT Rope Access Level 3.
  • ISO Rope Access Level 1
  • ISO Rope Access Level 2.

IRATA Training coming soon.

  • Rope Rescue Training.
  • Rope Rescue 1 .
  • Rope Rescue 2 (Supervisor).

Emergency Response Team Training.

  • Team Training.
  • Team Evaluation.
  • Team Staged Scenario Auditing.