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Telecoms Roof Top Safety Training

Working AT Height – Academy™. Height safety course for working on Roof Tops and Tower Safety Training. Delivers information on the theory and practical training in a selection of fixed and temporary systems available to provide fall protection whilst working in various rooftop and towers. Also provides knowledge of potential hazards associated with rooftop access and working at height on towers. A module on Radio Frequency radiation hazards and detection – RF hazards is included. For all persons required to access pitched, flat roofs and towers, this course also  provides information on potential hazards through discussion of permanent and temporary methods of fall protection.

The characteristics of various commercially available fall protection systems are discussed, and candidates are able to gain practical experience of each method.



Course Code: WAHA/RTST/2


Roof top climbers using fall arrest and work-positioning techniques must be able to use the equipment in a safe manner and be aware of the limitations. We at Working at Height ™ Academy provide this course that deals in accessing and tall structures. The course is highly practical in nature, is system based and not to mention has an ergonomic approach, which allows for greater productivity. The system has been recognized by many international companies and is a part of our modern work-at-height techniques.


  • Job management & risk planning
  • Equipment knowledge, use, fitting & Inspection
  • Free fall clearance, fall factors and impact forces
  • Structure access and Rescue Lines.
  • Work Positioning techniques
  • RF Hazards and weather-related impact
  • Rescue methods
  • Vertical raising & lowering of casualty
  • Anchor testing

Who will benefit?

Benefiting Telecoms Techs, hydro and fire technicians, this course is unique because of the hands-on approach. That translates into a must for candidates in such a unique work environment.


The course involves group training and is highly practical in nature, with hands-on access and rescue. After successful completion of the course, the participant will receive a certificate of competence valid for two years.


This is a two-day course and can be delivered at the client’s premises.




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