Rope Rescue

Rope Rescue

Course Code WAHG/RR/6 


The Rope Rescue Program was designed to provide fire & Rescue departments a full all-inclusive package for their rope rescue needs.

This course is set up with the Rescue Teams in mind and in particular, set up for the professional who will be introduced to new modern climbing and high angle rescue techniques in a team setting.

Using certified components and modern techniques this course is highly effective for those new to rope rescue.
Thought by professionals and set up by a certified teacher this course is often copied but not equally delivered.


This course is given with our very own course notes professionally edited and illustrated.


  • The Trainee Level 1 certificate is the first step in a three-level structure.
    Duration is 2 days.
  • The Operator Level 2 certificate is the next step in the certification process. The course builds on the Job Performance Requirements and gives candidates on rope experience.
    Duration is 2 days.
  • The Supervisor Level 3 certificate is the highest step in the certification process. The Level 3 builds on the candidates experience and prepares him to take on the role of lead technician.
    Duration is 2 days.



To train personnel to a level which will maintain and enhance current levels of professionalism, competence and safety existent within the fire service.

Who will benefit?

Industrial Fire and Rescue Teams, Fire departments and SAR teams who need to have their personnel up to date and trained by a professional in a no nonsense environment, and prepare them for a rope rescue operation. .


This course is highly practical in nature but class-work is an essential part of the course.
Candidates will be subject to a further question paper and a continual competence assessment of their practical skills.
On successful completion the candidate will be issued a certificate of competence valid for 3 years.



For individuals interested in rope rescue we provide weekend courses on a regular basis.


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