HSEQ Commitment



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Working At Height Group ™ Integrated Management System’s Operating Standards for Health, Safety, Environment and Quality [WAHG-IMS] are controlled and implemented from within the organisation with two dedicated systems persons whom enforce and manage the Working at Height Group Intergrated Management Systems. [WAHG-IMS]

These WAHG-IMS Process’ and Procedures have evolved with the expansion of Working At Height to encompass not only the Academy division, but also the Adti-Service division for site works for installation, Inspection & Repairs for all sector’s we work in.

Our WAHG-IMS systems are continuously improving and have been critical in the expansion of our services and also the locations and countries that we work in which currently cover operations in Ireland & the USA.


Working AT Height Academy & Alti-Service™.  WAHG-IMS Commitment

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